Our Mission

To offer professional, affordable strength, speed, conditioning and sports specific training for ages 7 years and up.

To promote education, excellence and work ethic in athletes through one-on-one personal attention, and side-by-side performance with our clients.

To provide professional evaluation and exposure to college coaches for all major divisions and professional scouts for the NFL and CFL.


Our commitment is to help everyone reach their specific goals in sports and in life. Sports and athletic training embody values that translate to your everyday life. They make you better. You can face the ups and downs of life and not quit. You’ll have the inner strength to fight adversity.

The Sonic Boom philosophy is based on a commitment to boost each and every athlete to peak performance in their individual sport, making the most of their natural physical abilities. That commitment extends to the individual who wants to function in peak physical condition thereby reducing stress, increasing energy and enhancing their appearance.


Sonic Boom LLC is a socially aware active member of the community…

We host children’s events at our facility.
We conduct mini training camps for 7-12 year olds.
We enforce adult education in physical fitness and safety.
We promote the benefits of genuine nutritional guidance.


What is physical fitness? There is no ideal weight or look, rather it is the ability to handle daily tasks effectively with the minimum amount of energy, labor or stress.

The ordinary person can be touched and impacted by the knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition. Our athletic training and development coaching focuses on three key areas that maximize conditioning and performance:

The Base Phase
The Development Phase
The Peak Phase


Sonic Boom LLC steadfastly supports academics and hopes to offer tutoring in ACT/SAT prep for students enrolled in the program for a reasonable fee. We are continually seeking educators to help us in this effort. Please call 504.731.1060 if you are interested in tutoring.