Director Wyatt Harris

Director Wyatt Harris has apprenticed under some of the greatest, most respected coaches in the ranks of high school, college and professional sports.

  • The Late Rodney Milburn, Olympic Gold Medalist in the Sprint and 110 yard hurdles. College and Professional Hall of Famer. All American in college track and field for Southern University.
  • The Late Willie Davenport, Olympic Gold Medalist in the sprint and 110 yard hurdles. He was also a college and professional Hall of Famer as well as an All American in college track and field at Southern University. He was Wyatt’s coach and personal mentor for two years, teaching him running techniques, training methods and an overall approach to athletic training.
  • Coach Johnny Thomas, Wyatt’s track coach at Southern University from 1988-1991. He also coached track and field in the Southern Boys & Girls Conference. Named Coach of the Year on several occasions. Wyatt says, “I’m still learning from him”.
  • Coach Mario Casem, (The Godfather of the Southern Western Athletic Conference), Head Football Coach and Athletic Director, Southern University and Alcorn State University. Coach Casem trained over 200 professional football players. Wyatt credits his direct influence as the primary factor that shaped his approach to training, motivating and work ethic.
  • Wes Chandler, the great NFL Wide Receiver for the New Orleans Saints, the San Diego Chargers and the San Francisco 49′ers. He was a University of Florida Gator All-American and is in the Wide Receiver Hall of Fame. Wes was a Wide Receiver coach and Offensive Assistant with the Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills and is a national speaker and instructor.


Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido

Law Enforcement Background

Director Wyatt Harris served as an Orleans Parish Criminal Sherrif and as a Peace Officer Standards & Training Academy Instructor for 4 years. Wyatt trained officers in the use of defensive tactics, firearms and physical fitness.

Wyatt also served as a Special Operations Team Leader for 6 years – teaching officers how to resolve hostage, riot and hostile situations.

Wyatt has Instructor Certification from the Federal Bureau of Investigation Instructor Development Course.